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Framing FLAMEfixx BAL-40 H3

Framing FLAMEfixx BAL-40 H3

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FLAMEfixx are structural timber elements which have been impregnated in accordance with the dFx® process technology to achieve BAL-40 ratings (BAL = Bushfire Attack Level).

dFx® is a patented, industry-leading technology that combines a globally approved, durable (d) wood preservative and a proprietary fire-retardant (fx) into a single working solution. Once the timber is impregnated with the dFx® solution, the active ingredients are fixed in the wood for the life span of the timber. The fire-retardant component of FLAMEfixx dFx® is based on inorganic natural ingredients that don’t contain hydrocarbon or carbon. This results in low smoke generation levels during combustion in a bush fire, wildfire or fire situation.

Further, the FLAMEfixx timber elements have been treated to H3 against fungal decay and insect (termite) attack.

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