Building Supplies FAQs

Q: What do the crossed out prices and savings percentages represent?
A: The crossed out prices represent “big store” prices of the same or similar products. The savings percentages reflect Tramin’s products’ percentage savings versus those “big store” prices. Some savings are significant and thus represent great potential savings for our customers. Note that we update the “big store” prices (and, thus, the percentage savings) approximately every quarter.


Q: Why can Tramin offer such good pricing?
A: At Tramin all our systems are integrated, and processes are designed to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. Further, since we don't require customer accounts or provide manually generated "special prices / quotes", the resultant inefficiencies are also saved. These efficiency savings are supplemented by the fact that we do not have an expensive, dedicated shopfront on a main road. We pass on these overhead cost savings to our valued customers.


Q: Do I have the choice of having my order either delivered to my job site or picked up from Tramin’s St Marys warehouse?
A: Yes, you have the choice. Refer to our Shipping Policy for requirements relating to deliveries and/or pick-ups.


Q: How quickly am I able to secure delivery / pick-up of my ordered products?
A: Assuming no extenuating circumstances, if a customer places an order before 1pm today, we commit to delivering the order within two business days.


Q: Is there any way I can get next day or even same day delivery / pick-up?
A: This may be arranged in exceptional circumstances. However, please note that there will likely be a charge attached to this special service.


Q: Am I able to purchase products which do not appear on the website?
A: Possibly - please feel free to call us (1800 TRAMIN / 1800 872 646) and we will investigate.