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Etex/BGC Duragrid 9mm

Etex/BGC Duragrid 9mm

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BGC Duragrid Facade System

The Duragrid™ facade system utilises BGC Fibre Cement sheeting, offering the ideal solution for cladding the exterior of low to medium rise homes. Duragrid™ gives buildings a modern and extremely durable finish.

  • / Lightweight
  • / Highly durable
  • / Panels will not rot, burn or corrode
  • / Panels are not affected by termites, air, steam, salt or sunlight
  • / Can be easily decorated in a number of design finishes
  • / Quick and simple to install using manual nailing, gun nailing or screw fixing

Similar to Hardie's Scyon Matrix but less expensive.
Pickup available directly from BGC depot in Ingleburn.

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