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Foil Membranes - Sarking - Not Vapour Permeable

Foil Membranes - Sarking - Not Vapour Permeable

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Foil Membranes - Sarking

A Foil Membrane (or Sarking) is a pliable laminated membrane which can be used in two primary applications:

  • Underneath your tiled or metal Roof: The sarking acts like a second skin and it helps protect your belongings from rain/dust; helps insulate your home by acting as a barrier to heat loss; helps prevent condensation/mould damage; and helps in case of a bush fire ember attack.
  • As a Wall-wrap prior to the application of the cladding: The sarking helps to reduce draughts through the wall frame and insulation batts and, thus, improves comfort. Also, during construction, the sarking acts like a temporary protective barrier to the internal building.

There are several types of foil membranes (or sarking) - For example:

  • Light Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extra Heavy Duty
  • Fire-rated
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Vapour Permeable (see Vapour Permeable page)

The appropriate foil membrane depends on the application (ie: the location's climate zone and the provisions of the NCC 2022) and the opinion of the homeowner / builder / engineer. 

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